Alexandra Marisa, how did you become an actress ?

Oh, I have been singing and putting on costumes since I was little. They called me Zarah Leander when I was a child, because I always jumped on the table and pretended to be her. Don't ask me why, though (laughs)! Then I was a soloist for the school choir and later I played leads in school theatre. Ever since then it was clear that I wanted to become an artist.

But you do come from an artist family, right?

That is correct. My father is an actor, which is why I have been confronted with the good and the bad aspects of this job from an early age on. My mother used to say, that a craftsman's son learns how to repair things in the passing, just like an actor's daughter gets a whiff of the air on stage a little earlier.

So where are you most comfortable? On stage, in front of a camera? Your cv is very diverse, to say the least.

That's what life is, right?! I am aware of the fact that a lot of colleagues find it difficult to classify me. What the heck is she?
Singer or actress, film or theater or rather dubbing? Newly "camerawoman" and CD-Producer ? I am changing my focus every once in a while. It is the most glorious feeling to be able to lead such a diversified, colourful life, to meet new and interesting
people and rise to new challenges over and over. Moreover, even if you don't actively work in one or the other area for a while you still get better and more confident in it on the way. At least for me that is true.