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Moving spiritual songs which magnificently express the sensation of feeling close to God. Incorporating a variety of brilliant Indian and European musicians, like Simadre M. Rao (flute) or Eugène Rodger (guitar),this CD merges both western and eastern traits. The heartfelt interpretation by the talented singer Alexandra Marisa Wilcke does Yoganandas "Cosmic Chants“ more than justice.

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01. When My Dreams Dream Is Done

02. In The Temple Of Silence

03. God Of Beauty

04. I Will Be Thine Always

05. Divine Gypsy

06. Blue Lotus Feet

07. Wink Has Not Touched My Eyes

08. In The Land Beyond My Dreams

09. They Have Heard Thy Name

With this CD – the second in a cycle after „O aeterne Deus“ – I want to explore different cultures and life ways and share what I have learned. For what I experienced again and again on my journeys was always the same in essence: No matter what a person believes or how he lives, we all strive to love and to be loved, to belong, to make sure our loved ones have what they need and are happy and healthy. So simple, so elementary.

It’s only the ways we choose to achieve these ends that are different. The only thing that stops our striving is our adversary fear in its various guises. And if we don’t render fear powerless, it will take over with its dogmas, its lust for power, its bigotry, greed and apathy – the list is as long and varied as human life itself.

Today more than ever, we face a multitude of challenges, as a society and as human beings – each and every one of us. And we must all decide how much space within us we want to give over to: Fear and Love.

I hope these wonderful melodies by Paramahansa Yogananda will contribute to opening hearts, to more empathy for and understanding of one another, to us all living in peace with and beside one another, no matter what faith or nationality we might have. It’s up to us – it is IN us. Life is constantly challenging us to learn, to see and to feel. No one can open us to the path – we have to do it ourselves.

Alexandra Marisa has been supporting the Balashram school project in Odisha, India for several years, by donating a part of the profit from her CD sales. 40 underprivileged boys and girls, originating from the poorest regions of Odisha, are admitted annually into this school; children, who would otherwise have no chance of receiving an education, a balanced nutrition or good health care. Meanwhile, after 12 years of schooling the first kindergarden children have grown to be young adults, and are waiting for their vocational training full of expectation. „It always fills me with joy to see how the children have developped in all these years. Not only do they receive education in compulsory subjects, but they also have the opportunity to gain experience in the field of the arts! The head of the school also ensures the children are educated in an environmentally conscious way, which I find great!" Alexandra Marisa Wilcke

AUDIO CD: 9 Songs - Duration: 51 Min.